I am ultimately drawn to things that are handmade. I consider my art to have an organic feel- handmade, all natural, not perfect. I like to be able to see the flaws, which leave a permanent imprint. They help you to know that someone has been there, that someone has probably spent hours of hard work. I am constantly scanning my surroundings for old postcards, photos, old fabric scraps, used handmade quilts, paper that has been used and tossed away and anything handwritten. There are so many memories and stories weaved into these objects that no one would know except the person who left them in disregard. It is these items that i find to be filled with a life of their own. I was born and raised in the south where craft is taken very seriously. I can remember when i was young, my Grandmother would spend hours, even weeks working on craft projects such as needlepoint, sewing or knitting. I believe that this had a huge impact on me and on the way that I work. Much like my grandmother, I enjoy the repetitive motion of hand stitching and embroidering. It tends to soothe me in a meditative way.

3 Responses to “artist statement”

  1. Margaret Day Says:

    Ifind this fascinating. I, too, have always enjoyed “crafts” but unfortunately do not have the talent to “forsee the possibilities” of leftovers. I am much more structured – go to Michaels and buy projects – most of which I finish. You truly have a talent! Aunt Margaret

  2. katie neuman (harby) Says:

    WOW! maggie your artwork is very creative. you are really an amazing artist and i am so happy that i got a chance to see your beautiful artwork. it seems that you have found your passion and it shows in the details of your art. i just wanted to say hi and i hope you and your family are doing well! good luck with everything 🙂 katie

  3. Kelli Ellington Says:

    Mag…you are amazing! I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your art show and loved spending time with you. I can’t wait to see more art from you in the future. Keep me posted on what you create. I couldn’t wait to get back to show Mike your website and tell him about your tea bag art. I love you bunches and I am very, very, very proud of you!

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